Once again we are at a pivotal moment in the effort to maintain patient access to compounded medications. The Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee (PCAC) will be evaluating two of the most commonly used bulk drug substances: Methylcobalamin and Choline Chloride. PCAC has been charged by the Food & Drug Administration to recommend or deny the inclusion of these drug substances for pharmacy compounding. PCAC needs to hear from you! Please sign our petition below and let PCAC know why these compounded medications are a necessity. Submissions are public once sent to PCAC, so we are only asking for your first name and last initial to preserve your privacy.

Last time we asked for your support, and we were able to make a difference. Together, we will make it possible to continue the availability of these compounded drugs!


TO THE MEMBERS OF THE PHARMACY COMPOUNDING ADVISORY COMMITTEE (PCAC): We seek to preserve patients’ access to pharmacy compounded medications. We demand PCAC approve the inclusion of the following drug bulk substances into the final list of approved substances for 503A pharmacy compounding:

  • Methylcobalamin
  • Choline Chloride

Each of the undersigned states he or she is an advocate of maintaining patient access to compounded medications.